Majestic Stallion Panel Painting


 Stunning Custom Printed Artwork
Printed On Superior Quality Canvas

A stunning choice for wall decoration and home decorations, this Majestic Stallion Panel Painting features 5 panels. If you would like your canvas's framed please select the Framed option.


Majestic Stallion Size Chart


Size 1 

(20cm x 35cm x2 Pieces) (20cm x 45cm x2 Pieces) (20cm x 55cm x1 Piece)

Size 2

(30cm x 50cm x2 Pieces) (30cm x 65cm x2 Pieces) (30cm x 80cm x1 Piece)

Size 3 

(40cm x 60cm x2 Pieces) (40cm x 80cmx2 pieces) (40cm x 100cm x1 Piece)

***All non-US address orders between Jan.20-Feb.4 will be delayed 4-8 days due to factory holiday***