Wild Life Wall Clock

 Stunning Custom Wall Clocks 
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Is your wall missing something? Think of our selection of wall clocks as wall art in its most practical form. Provide elegance to a kitchen, study or bedroom. Mark the passing of the hours while displaying a thing of beauty at the same time.

  • Hour hand length: 15.2cm /6.0"
  • Minute hand length: 19.2cm / 7.6"
  • Second hand length:17cm/6.7"
  • Battery Powered, (Battery's not included)
  • The wall clock is 3D effect
  • The clock finishing size is dependent on how you decide to set up!
  • Easy to install and remove the sticker
  • It is self-adhesive, water & steam resistant, Non toxic and safety for the children
  • Silent sweeping movement
  • The decals can be applied on all on surface!

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