World Destinations Map panel painting


 Stunning Custom Printed Artwork
Printed On Superior Quality Canvas

This High definition world map is a limited print not available in stores.

A stunning choice for wall decoration and home decorations, this Map panel painting features 5 panels displaying a beautiful world detailed World map.

This Map is ideal for setting pins on all the places you have traveled!  If you would like your paintings framed please select the Framed option. 

 World  Destinations Map Size Chart

Size 1 (30cm x 60cm x2 Pieces)(30cm x 70cm x2 Pieces) (30cm x 80cm x1 Piece)  

Size 2

(40cm x 80cm x2 Pieces) (40cm x 90cm x2 Pieces) (40cm x 100cm x1 Piece)  

***All non-US address orders between Jan.20-Feb.4 will be delayed 4-8 days due to factory holiday***